Standard Service
"Approximately" Every 14 Days
Leaving / Away
*Check For Lights / Fans Left On, Or Fans On Low
*Check Unpleggeud Electrical Outlets - T.V. / Stereo
*Check Refridgerator Cooling and Ice Maker Off
*Empty Ice Bin / Empty All Perishables that Spoil
*Turn Water Main Off
*Turn Water Heater Switch Off at Breaker Box
*Check Washer Levers are Off or Unplugged
*Check Storm Shutters are Closed, If Installed
*Bring In Patio Furniture as Needed
*Check Airconditioning is Working and Humidistat / Thermostat
*Shut Light, Lock Windows and Unit, Set Alarm

*Check Windows, Doors and Ceiling
Check For Mildew and Mold
Coming In Twice Per Month
*Turn On Water Main, Run All Faucets
*Flush Bathroom Toilets
*Check Under All Sinks For Leaks
*Check Refirdgerator Cooling
*Check Air Handler, Humidistat
*Repeat most of "Leaving / Away" Process
*Opening and Closing Included or Owners Included If *Coordinated With Regular Home Watch
Awesome Watch, Inc. keeps close communication with our homeowners informing any concerns that may arise. Emails are checked daily, or our cell phones are always with us.
By contacting Awesome Watch, Inc. with arrival and departure dates of visits, you, your guests or renters, are placed on our daily scheduled calendar. A.W.I. opens your home upon arrival, and then properly closes your home as soon as you depart. All openings and closings are included in your standard seasonal rate.