Suggestions for your Home
Awesome Watch prides ourselves with one on one services and really getting to know our clients needs. If you decide to use Awesome Watch, Inc. here a few suggestions we have for you and your home while you are gone...
Things to keep in your home:

1) Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for the Fridge and Freezer.
2) Damp Rid (moister crystals that prevent moisture and mold build up).
3) Basic toilet brush for each toilet.
4) Basic Household Broom.
Storm Percautions:

As for any general percautions, any patio furniture will be brought in. All small and large electrical devices will be unplugged, etc. We will make every effort to protect your home and keep you informed.

Opening and Closings...Please let us know when you or your guests will arrive or depart.
The homeowners responsibility is to have the residence secured and keys in the possession of Awesome Watch, Inc. when ready to depart. Make sure all perishables and ice have been disposed of or put away.
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